Information about the coronavirus in other languages

Which rules do I have to follow? (update 24th of March)

On this website you can also find audio files with a resume of the measures that were taken by the government on March 24 in many different languages.

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How can I prevent infection?

Information about ramadan







Need help?

  • You can reach us on the number 014 56 73 10, every weekday between 10 am and 12.30 and on Tuesday evenings between 17 and 19.30 pm.

Useful websites

Newsletter in French and English

You can find newsletters of the city Geel in French and English on this page.

Useful videos

  • What are you allowed to do and what is forbidden?

  • How to handwash with soap and water:

  • How to protect yourself from the coronavirus?

Do you know some basic Dutch?

  • If you know some basic Dutch, this is also an interesting video about the coronavirus. You can find more news in basic Dutch on the website of Wablieft and frequently asked questions on the website of VRTnws.