Information about the coronavirus and vaccination in other languages

Here you find information in different languages about vaccination.

Need help?

  • You can reach 'dienst gelijke kansen' on the number 014 56 73 10, every weekday between 10 am and 12.30 and on Tuesday evenings between 17 and 19.30 pm.

Useful websites

  • Official info of the Belgian government in many different languages on the website
  • Multilingual information on the website of Fedasil

App 'Crisis Information Translated'

The free mobile app Crisis Information Translated (CIT) offers information in 18 languages about vaccination and the current corona-measures. You can download the app here.

Informative videos about vaccination in different languages

You can find a playlist with videos about vaccination in different languages on our Youtube channel. In these videos, members of 't Origineel provide you with information about vaccination and ask a doctor questions related to vaccination and the vaccines.

Watch the playlist here.

Do you know some basic Dutch?

  • If you know some basic Dutch, this is also an interesting video about the coronavirus. You can find more news in basic Dutch on the website of Wablieft